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Arles: Les Rencontres d’Arles 2018 programme

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Rencontres de la Photo 2018 à Arles

Soyez le premier à partager un conseil utile pour les futurs visiteurs et exposants. Solution d'animation et d'interaction pour formations et événements. Avec une page revendiquée, vous pouvez mettre immédiatement à jour les informations de votre événement! Je suis l'organisateur ou j'agis au nom de l'organisateur de cet événement, j'accepte les Conditions d'utilisation de Bestrade et les conditions relatives à la soumission d'événements de Bestrade.

Tout le site Événements Organisateurs Lieux d'exposition Utilisateurs. Les rencontres de la photographie. Domaines d'activité de ce salon Art - Artisanat Photographie - Cinéma.

Partagez votre avis en répondant à quelques questions. Les avis sont publics et modifiables. Indicateurs de satisfaction d'après les avis partagés par la communauté. In addition, this cladding also absorbs sound — making Hertz an eerily quiet place to work. From the New Discovery Awards, Emergences section in the official programme. Ali Mobasser, Photographs taken by Lt. General Mohsen Mobasser, Damavand, Iran, Anne Golaz,The work, Corbeau from the Raven series, Courtesy of the Galerie C.

Chandan Gomes, Sans titre, Paulien Oltheten, Square, La Défense, Courtesy of the artist and gallery Les Filles du Calvaire.

Installation of photographs and a stone sculpture. Courtesy of the artist and Imane Farès Gallery. Feng Li, White Night, Chengdu, From the Emergences section in the official programme. From the exhibition Maïs Chaud Marlboro in the Emergences section in the official programme. Courtesy of Espace Jörg Brockmann. From the exhibition Kopiec Bonawentura, in the Emergences section in the official programme. Christophe Loiseau, Christophe G. Courtesy of the Danziger Gallery. From the exhibition The Train: In the exhibition Paradise!

René Burri, Canada, Montreal, From the exhibition The Imaginary Pyramids in the Stylistic Figures section in the official programme. William Wegman, Tamino with Magic Flute, We would like to commemorate another anniversary. In , when photographer Robert Frank and editor Robert Delpire were 34 and 32, respectively, they published The Americans, a book of 84 prints.

This book would mark generations of photographers, historians and curators. For the first time, a perspective that broke with the complacency of the postwar humanist schools was offered. Robert Frank invented the photography road trip. He was quick, agile, and mobile, and made off-centering a creative choice. With Frank, photography entered a new age, and the Beat Generation found its angle. There was a lot of criticism, of course. Praising the ordinary and sacralizing non-events earned him scorn.

Where is the America of dreams and consumerism, always growing, and promising a beautiful tomorrow? Although missing from the actual photos, not far behind are the people who would brandish cobblestones demanding justice, diversity, and openness, with calls to dispense with the old ways. America has not changed all that much-outraged, in the past, to find a foreigner Robert Frank is Swiss representing it, the work of stigmatizing otherness continues.

Each in their own way, they have captured the violence of disparities, documented the power of stories, taken road trips with no final destination, and thus unconsciously made their contribution to the image of the country.

More than other places America is nourished by the foreign. It is a place for sharing and discovering photography in all its diversity and depth of vision; an instrument for understanding, reflecting and building the society we live in.

Les rencontres de la photographie

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